Project Wild Earth

One family's overland journey to help preserve and protect our wild Earth.

Our Vision

We are a family of four embarking on an overland journey that will take us across 100+ countries in Jane, our Grenadier. The aim is to help preserve and protect our wild Earth. The project will contribute to higher levels of biodiversity meaning healthier and more resilient ecosystems. We will curate a collection of stories told by rangers, local people, members of government, NGOs, and corporations, as well as self-starters, entrepreneurs, and others we meet on the road.

It is through these stories that we will shine a light on, and support various social and environmental impact projects with our time, skillsets, network, and ideas. We will inform and educate people about the challenges our planet faces and how they can get involved, while also inspiring them to take action and protect the natural spaces within their own communities. We will offset our entire journey through our membership and partnership with Mossy Earth.

Our Patron is Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, Founder - the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace.

Running parallel to the stories will be our own story which remains unwritten only to be told as our journey around the world unfolds. 

There are two pillars to this that work in tandem and will
allow for long-lasting impact well after the journey is over.
Photo by: Sarah Marshall

The Projects

We are working with a network of conservation partners to find diverse projects from around the world. These are social and environmental initiatives that we feel are inspiring a worldwide effort to conserve our planet. In addition to documenting the projects, we will contribute with our time, skillsets, network and ideas. We will also conceive our own projects ensuring that when we do, we make a genuine, sustainable and long lasting impact. Examples of the types of projects and stories we’ve been researching are here.

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Photo by: Kostadin Luchansky

The Portal

This is designed to help share more ideas, expertise, and resources globally to overcome these environmental challenges that ultimately affect us all. It allows people from around the world to come together to learn and participate whether that be by leading conservation projects, volunteering time, offering their skills, technology transfer, partnering, donating or reducing their own impact on the planet. The idea is that this will lead to a steady stream of impactful projects long after our journey has finished.

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“We can no longer ignore the impact of current unsustainable production models and wasteful lifestyles.”

Marco Lambertini
Director general of WWF International

Why is Biodiversity So Important?

The Challenge

Our planet is the place we all call home, it’s also our most precious resource. As caretakers of the planet, we need to protect it. It took billions of years for evolution to create such a wide diversity of life yet human activities are driving biodiversity loss at an alarming rate.

This is happening to such an extent that humanity has contributed to a 60 percent decline in average animal populations since 1970, “we are sleepwalking towards the edge of a cliff” said Mike Barrett, Executive Director of Science and Conservation at WWF.

Our Solution

High levels of biodiversity mean healthier and more resilient ecosystems. This results in the ecosystem’s natural ability to continue providing benefits like climate regulation, pollination, air purification and more. Human-led conservation efforts have started to make a real difference. Without conservation efforts, a UN study estimates that the number of bird and mammal extinctions would have been twice as high during the last decade.

We can all choose to contribute every day by the lifestyle we lead and the consumption choices we make. Working together we can create a culture of conservation that permeates all aspects of our lives.

The Portal

We’re very much focussed on getting results, species
protected, habitat restored, and livelihoods in harmony
with a healthy environment.

Photo by: Martin Buzora


Our route will be dictated by where there are new, ongoing or completed conservation projects around the globe. The plan is to get off the beaten track, go to places you don’t normally hear much about, and cover over one hundred countries across six continents.

“This is going to require a change in perspective. A change from viewing nature as something that's optional or 'nice to have' to the single greatest ally we have in restoring balance to our world."
Sir David Attenborough

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